Saturday, 5 May 2012

What I'll miss when we go back to Sg

As my departure date draws nearer, I don't know what I feel more - excitement or sadness... There are so many things to look forward to but there are so many I'll miss too...

1) Cheap skincare and cosmetics - Shu Uemura cleansing oil costs US$81; I remember buying the same in Singapore for S$150 back in 2009. And there are lots of brands here too. Now that we have Sephora in Sg, we have a lot more brands to choose from as well but at an inflated price... The only consolation is we get more Asian lines in Sg which are more suited to our skin.

2) Pretty coats - Ok, this is super frivolous! I don't like the cold except for the excuse to wear pretty coats! Thing is I didn't get to wear my pretty coat much in the Chicago winter. Which sucks. So there, maybe I don't really miss this..

3) Cheap and good steak - A good dinner at Morton's here costs about half to two-thirds of the same in the Sg branch. But well, we're consoled by the sheer variety of foods in Sg.

4) Online shopping - Think Amazon and its free super saver shipping! There are other websites with free shipping over a certain spending amount. So many things are just a few clicks away.. Body wash, shampoo, cleanser, kitchen stuff, books, hoover, and even pregnancy test strips! Some of these are bulky to buy from stores since we don't drive. But mostly, it can be cheaper buying online. This is inconsolable..

5) Hulu - Cos cannot watch Hulu in Sg! Inconsolable.

6) Cheap ice cream - I think we have eaten through five years' quota of ice cream while in Evanston. But this makes us fat so, ok, we can do without it!

7) Friends - We've made some friends in the past year odd. Many are leaving the US after graduation. It's sad to be parting. The truth is we all know that these two years are pretty unreal. Even if we were to remain in the US, we would probably be in different cities. This is inconsolable too..

8) Time, aka my ability to be 24 孝 wife (and later mother). Here, I have so much free time that I'm stress-free and happy all the time. And I have time to totally pamper my dear husband and spoil him rotten. I even feed him fruits after dinner when he's working at his laptop! In Sg, it will be, "fruits are in the fridge, help yourself" while I'm busy with various work. Actually, there probably won't be fruits at all *.* But well, it's home :)

And the worst? For the first month in Sg, I'll missing Sito :((((

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