Sunday, 20 May 2012

The thing about not being back for so long...

The last time I was in Singapore was November and December 2010 - a year and a half ago. I've never been away for so long before. And now, I'm finding it daunting. Why?

1) The weather
I woke in the middle of last night - drenched in sweat. Tonight, I'm sleeping with aircon.

Just count the number of times I mentioned "sweat" and its conjugates in this post. But I think I should adjust to it pretty soon. Today, I perspired more indoors than outdoors. I was fine walking outside. Warm, yes, but bearable. But in the apartment without aircon and back in HV without aircon, I couldn't stop sweating!

2) Many new things
Circle Line, for example. I had to check the MRT map before I went out cos I had to make sure that changing at Paya Lebar would take me to Dhoby Ghaut! And when I got there, I felt a bit lost in the station. Took me a while to get my bearings.

And Changi City Point - see my post on Friday. And I know there are also NEX in Serangoon and JCube in Jurong - check them out later...

Oh, btw, I've had three persons giving up their seats on the MRT for me so far, although one woman was quite 冤枉 cos an auntie didn't realise it and took the seat instead! The buses were pretty empty so far so no problem at all. I'm thinking, maybe the non-peak hour crowd is kinder. I mean, honestly, I would feel more inclined to give up my seat when I'm out for leisure than when I'm on my way to or from work.

3) Forgetting where things are
I lost my way in Centrepoint yesterday *.* Couldn't find Ichiban Boshi! Had to call Kel to ask for directions. Crap.

And I thought my hair salon had closed down but I had only forgot which floor it was on! Anyway, my hair treatment package had expired :( But well, I've only got the free session left anyway.. My main purpose of going to Plaza Sing today is to buy some food and bras to tide me over the next two months. I could wear the same bra for more than a day in Evanston cos I seldom went out and it was cool. But here, I have to wash clothes every two days if I don't buy more cos only two bras fit me now and they soak through with sweat every time!

4) Staying in Kembangan
Kembangan leh! That's like Malaysia to me - totally foreign!

So, this morning, all gross, I went out after breakfast to take a walk around the neighbourhood, and I found a good mixed vegetable rice stall! So happy! I returned, sweaty again, to Skype with the husband for a while before I had to shower and wash my sweaty clothes from the past two days.

I didn't know what I did but it eventually got to lunch time and I got to try the rice! Very satisfied :) I had two vege, one egg and one meat with a bit of rice. The result? First normal blood glucose reading after lunch since I got back!! Phew!

I was so worried cos since my first meal on Asiana, my blood glucose kept going crazy! I put it down to a lack of vegetables cos I had earlier determined I could eat rice and pasta! And it must be good vegetables - had salad at Ichiban yesterday and that didn't help at all...

And dinner was with the in-laws at Beng Thin - Mum's birthday dinner! Ate a lot but there was a lot of vege too. So my blood glucose was normal even though I had a small piece of cake. Btw, it was the smallest piece of cake ever, like ever in my life! I mean, I've always had big pieces of cake, and second and higher-order helpings!

It's a little sad to be unable to eat all my favourite things, which happen to be carbs or carb-heavy. When I was at Plaza Sing, I was a little peckish. But everything was out of my reach. Except for the fruit stall. I had an apple - quite healthy and yummy too :)

Anyway, I intend to go exploring again tomorrow - I'll try to find the NTUC and Sheng Siong on the other side of the MRT tracks!

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