Monday, 7 May 2012

So cute!

I was reading random stuff when I suddenly felt baby pushing my belly. I touched that spot and felt a little protrusion! A foot? :)

Anyway, went for what I thought was my last check-up here today. Handed in my request form for my prenatal records upon registration. When I met the doctor, she told me to return on Friday to check on my glucose level in case I had to be put on medication :( And she would only write me the letter for my flights then.

When I went to the counter to check out, the same lady who took my request letter gave me a blank look when I asked about it. Tmd! So I waited another 30 minutes before she waved me over and told me she couldn't give me the records today cos the doctor wanted to include my final check this Friday. TMD!!!! I don't mind if the doctor wanted to be thorough but it took 30 minutes to tell me that, seriously?!

Ok, vented...

I've gained weight in the past week, totalling 10.5kg now. I had imagined myself to be bigger at this point so I'm kind of glad - flying shouldn't be a lot more uncomfortable compared to my previous trips.

Hee, still feeling a bit of baby in that spot, just underneath my belly :)

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