Friday, 25 May 2012

Review of to-do list

No, I didn't forget that I should do a review. But I might have forgot a few on the list :p

Write out family history for Sito and Grams
Done! Or done as well as I could. Still need to verify some characters from Clan Sito. And I need my cousins to fill in the blanks for Grams - at the next gathering! :)

Tidy up notes from my Kellogg classes
Done! I've even scanned Sito's notes since 2010. He now has to scan his notes for this last quarter...

Learn Spanish
Done, somewhat... I stopped when morning sickness got the better of me. It's such a fun language to learn but the unfortunate fact is that I won't have much use for it..

Improve Japanese
I guess so, with all the Jap dramas that I've watched! In Evanston, I didn't watch dramas from mid January onwards so I'm now catching up. I'm, um, proud to say that I'm into my second Jap drama since my return to Singapore :p

Clean and tidy the apartment more regularly
Oh yes, definitely. Although I must admit that the apartment got pretty gross during the height of morning sickness and when I was really busy with packing and socials towards the end..

Learn to cook better - join the JVs for the weekly cooking class
Did did did! Check out some stuff in my food blog -

Exercise regularly
Fail! Haha! I guess I just don't like exercising very much. I like aerobic classes but I was too cheap to pay and too lazy to get out of the building. Jogging or walking on the treadmill didn't hold much appeal to me although I went a few times for the sake of baby. But well, I have kept my shape pretty well anyway right? :)

Think about religion
Fail too! Um, nothing more to say *.*

Find a Montessori centre to request to observe
Fail! When we got pregnant, I was quite paranoid anyway so I wasn't keen to walk too far for stuff. I even got dizzy once when I got to the elementary school for tutoring.

Start a little online business
Well, I tried? Didn't follow up much on it :(

Learn how to grow our money
Fail! Finance is really not my thing. Nevermind that I'm a maths major..

Read more news
Yup, CNA almost every day. I even read a lot of WSJ and Economist during the first trimester cos I couldn't do more than lounging on the sofa with the iPad *.*

Go to the library
I'm afraid I didn't go even once in the second year :( And we lived right next to it!

Hang out more with friends
Oh yes, that I did :)

Watch more dramas :p
Um, of course! :p

Continue to blog! Especially about Oxford..
This must be the most consistent thing. And yes, I've finished my Oxford story in December last year!

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