Friday, 18 May 2012

Back in Singapore, again!

O'Hare is easily one of the worst airports we've been to. It has grouchy immigration staff, long security queues, and even the trolleys for luggage aren't free! But we met a kind Asiana agent - she couldn't upgrade me cos my ticket was bought with miles so she helped prioritise my bags (nvm that they were overweight) and ordered a cart for me at Incheon cos it was a long walk between gates.

My first Asiana flight was pretty uneventful. But I had a surprise - the movie selection was really bad! I thought it would be like SQ! Only watched New Year's Eve and 杨门女将之军令如山 in those 13 hours. Thankfully, there were magazines and my book! Was served mostly by this rather grouchy flight attendant but had a pleasant encounter with another who asked about my belly and told me she had two herself and enviably, she looked like she never had children!

The cart at Incheon turned out to be a wheel-chair. Um, no thanks... I was fine walking anyway, once I found a small trolley cos the laptop bag was really heavy!

Had to get my boarding pass from a transfer desk. The Chicago side seemed to have taken away an extra copy of my excess baggage receipt so the Incheon agent took a while to sort it out. Couldn't get a bump-up cos business class was full. But she changed my seat to another row so that I could get the whole row to myself, which was nice. I was also asked for a doctor's letter and to sign off any liability about my pregnancy - I thought the wording of the form left an unpleasant taste.. Anyway, the SQ flight was as expected. Watched Albert Nobbs and A Separation. Couldn't finish Kirin No Tsubasa though...

The worst part of the day-long flights was not leg room, which was sufficient, but the lack of sleep. I woke at 7-ish on Tuesday and slept max four or five hours in the next 30 hours!

And baby :) He was awake for most of the time too, which made me freak out a bit when he went to sleep a couple of hours before we landed in Singapore - all the way until this morning! Very active again :) Poor boy, probably have to deal with jetlag too..?

I was disappointed with the porter service at Changi - I got the number vis email but no one picked up the phone! I know it was 1 am, but airport leh - shouldn't it be 24-hour? Anyway, got a kind angmoh to help put my bags on the trolley.

Mum and Dad came to fetch me to Kembangan Lodge. The apartment was nice but the aircon was leaking! I could only sleep on one side of the bed. And blur me didn't know that I had to push a switch for the water heater - ended up showering with cold water and not washing my hair.

Woke at 6 plus this morning and decided to just get back and unpack quite a bit. Managed to Skype with Sito! :) Poor husband - suffered a bad ankle sprain the moment I left :( Now he has been grounded - for the rest of his life! No trampoline or any "exciting" activity like that!!

Went for a quick lunch nearby - post picture later cos no wifi here - before moving into another apartment. Then I went out with Mum to Changi City Point. Quite a nice place! Had tea and did some grocery shopping at the nearby NTUC, where I applied for the loyalty card - very aunty :p - and where I was thought to be five months pregnant! I looked that small meh?

So now, I've had dinner - Mum's bee hoon - and I'm just waiting for nightfall before I go to bed. Really need to sleep - for the jetlag and for my nose which is very sad now. I'm also very sad for my nose but I'm glad that it didn't act up on the flight. That would have been really bad! Note to self - useful to wear a mask on long flights.

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