Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Good morning, world!

As usual, I woke early again. It's 7.34 am and I've had my breakfast and Berocca to ward off what looks like a nasty cold and cough before my long flight tomorrow. I've even been on the throne - after a few days of pellet shit, I finally got some good ones! Ok, tmi.. But I'm really scared to be constipated during pregnancy cos I have no idea where I'm bearing down on when pushing shit. Ok, enough of tmi...

So, it's my last day in Evanston now. I've finished packing the check-in bags, which was very stressful btw! Had to dump so many stuff.. After doing laundry today, I'll pack my carry-on bags. Also considering exchanging a few light but bulky items in my carry-on with one item in my largest bag. Will think about that after laundry.

We also need to go to the bank. May need to change our account type to avoid monthly service fees now that our balance has gone below a certain amount. And the supermarket cos the milk is running low.

I scrubbed the kitchen clean on Sunday after cooking and freezing plenty of stuff to tide Sito over, and wiped up the rest of the apartment yesterday. We have already sold our hoover so the dark carpet still has some specks of white but well, that's less important than a clean kitchen and a clean toilet...

Sito has a lunch meeting today so I'll be having lunch on my own - with the last episode of Desperate Housewives on Hulu. This evening, we'll be having our last dinner together here at Five Guys. Must leave with the taste of a good burger in my mouth right :)

Just realised that I cooked for us for the last time in this kitchen last night - meatball spaghetti, the same as our first home-cooked meal here.

Hmmm, time really flies hur...

It was then August 2010. All too soon, we have reached May 2012. Almost two years just like that.. All the ups and downs associated with business school, all the ups and downs associated with baby making. And I was commenting to Na last night that it seemed yesterday when I was puking, with no idea when the nausea would go away. And now, we're nine weeks away from meeting baby!

He must be keen to meet us too. When he's awake, he's kind of responsive when I press my belly. Or when I blow my nose. Or when I do my Kegels, somehow... He seems to be a light sleeper too, waking shortly after I wake each morning, which spells more sleeplessness but well, we sign up voluntarily and eagerly for this!

So, a lot of excitement in the days ahead. But I'm also sad.

Had a couple of farewells with my friends already. The housewives of Evanston have spent so much good memories in the past two years! Now, with most of us heading for different cities, it will be some time before we meet again. I'll probably see a couple here and there. But the group, maybe in five years' time, if we return for reunion weekend in Kellogg.

Also, we're leaving Sito behind! Poor baby won't feel papa's hands on him for a month. Have to make sure he hears him albeit via Skype. I always ask Sito to say something to baby. It's usually "hello", but the other day, Sito started practising a speech for a class with his hand on my belly! Quite funny, and baby was kicking about too :)

I foresee my mood to follow a cosine curve in the next month. The initial high from returning to Singapore and the adrenalin from having to unpack and settle logistics regarding baby, followed by a low from SWS - Sito withdrawal symptoms - which will coincide with no less than our third anniversary *.* But after that, I can look forward to an upturn - his return! Stay positive, mf....

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