Friday, 1 June 2012

Take my seat :)

Every time I take public transport is a social experiment - who will spot a pregnant woman and give up his/her seat?

Of course I don't expect people to give me their seats. But it's interesting to see who cares and who chao keng :p

So far, I have been very fortunate. Kind people offer me seats almost all the time. I only remember three times when no one moved an inch - once on a Saturday and twice at about 8 pm on weekdays. It kind of reinforces my idea that the working crowd is generally - and understandably - less kind at the end of a tiring day.

Then, who are these kind people?

1) 70% foreigners or people who look and/or sound like foreigners. On the other hand, just now a middle-aged uncle rushed to get into the train before me to get the seat someone just vacated.

2) 100% people who are older than me.

But maybe the demographics are due to my travelling times...

Besides on public transport, I have met very kind people in the malls as well. Like at the Isetan sale, the lady behind me in the delivery queue kept helping me move my stuff despite having a lot of stuff of her own. And today, the promoter at Robinsons saw my belly, asked the obvious (you're pregnant right?) and proceeded to take my stuff to the counter for me.

Anyway, so today, Mum and I went to the Robinsons sale, and bought a red Graco Ultima Plus Travel System - we like it very much!! It's, um, a very auntie thing... And we bought a whole lot of baby toiletries as well as a panini press. Very happy :)

Update 3 Jun 2012

They ran out of the red stroller :( So I chose bright green! Let's see how it turns out...

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