Sunday, 10 June 2012

I can't stop eating...

In the past week or so, I have this compulsive urge to eat. It's not that I'm hungry. I just don't feel satisfied!

Will I gain too much weight in these last five weeks? Sighs..

Anyway, I've also been taking pictures of my very simple meals.

This was my first meal in Singapore - wantan mee with teh-o kosong beng! The noodles were unfortunately quite forgettable but I was impressed with the generous amount of vegetables. From somewhere behind my current apartment..

Less simple, with Na at Ootoya. It was ok yummy but I liked it for the real vegetables at the top right - usually, Japanese sets give salad at best, and I think those salads are fake vegetables :p

Had this with CY after dinner one day - green tea ice with azuki beans! Very yummy and hardly sinful :)

My fave! Lots of real vegetables from the cai fan stall at HD40 near home.

And a very average bah chor mee. But I do like bah chor mee so...

And when I woke up early on Wednesday, I had to go downstairs for some prata - kosong and egg - and teh tarik siu dai :) Unfortunately the prata was rather tasteless *.*

And this morning, I had two rice kuehs and a soon kueh for breakfast at my fave hawker centre in AMK! They would also fry the kuehs if I bought three so I bought three :p I used to eat a lot of rice kueh when I was a kid! With plenty of sweet sauce :) Today, I also added some chili.

The hawker centre has been renovated. Even the market area is now very clean and neat. I took some time to look for the stall - I could still recognise the sisters who have been running the stall for more than 20 years :)

Took a walk around the market area after breakfast and bought two sets of cute bear-bear PJs for myself and two pairs of plain shorts for Sito to wear at home. Shopping at the market is very affordable - I like :)

Also popped into two medical halls to ask about herbal shampoo for confinement. They only had dry shampoo so no deal...

Took a little walk to Mother's place. The neighbourhood hasn't changed very much since I moved away. Somehow, I really like this neighbourhood. I just don't like living with some people there :p

Headed to AMK Hub after lunch, and finally had durian! Albeit in the form of a pancake from four seasons durians. The pregnant lady in front of me would be due five days before me and she told me she was now craving for durian :p Anyway, I finished the little pancake on the escalator ride from the basement to the bus interchange *.*

And now back at the apartment, I just finished munching on the peanut butter sandwich cookies I bought this morning at the hawker centre.. And I still feel like having more! :( Going to the doctor tomorrow. Maybe his weighing machine could check my eating.....?

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