Monday, 4 June 2012

My temp accommodation

It's been some two weeks but guess it's never too late to take a peek into where I'm staying now!

It's a medium apartment in Kembangan Lodge. It's quite unlike the studio apartment at River Valley we rented back in 2010.

So this is the entrance. I have two more pairs of shoes not shown here :p The mirror is where I do my makeup...

And this was taken from the door - the kitchen area. Took me a while to figure out how to use the induction cooker - it is easy but the first time I tried it, I used a wrong pot *.* The table serves as bag storage and food counter.

This is across from the table above - a washing machine! Very useful. The dryer is just outside at the staircase.

And this little doorway leads to the desk, TV and bed. I can't watch the TV from the desk due to the angle... I figure that I can get used to watching TV in bed... (I can imagine Sito telling me - again - that we should have a TV in our bedroom...)

The bed, obviously. After sleeping in a king bed for almost two years in Evanston, this feels rather small... Well, we'll have to get used to it.. Our bedroom cannot take a king bed for sure!

And the pathetic wardrobe. Oh well, I don't have a lot of clothes anyway. I'm just wearing whatever I've brought back from Evanston. The rest of my barang are still in storage.. Can't wait for end June/early July!

I met SP and AO for lunch after pilates today. So good to catch up after so long! :) Also went to visit Kinderland next to the office. No vacancy for infant care, sighs.. Will see how...

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  1. Looks good. Is it generally safe to stay there? My folks is going at river valley any time this Jully.



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