Thursday, 14 June 2012

First day home :)

Sito is snoring away now - at 8.56 pm :)

The poor guy didn't sleep much on his flight home. He took a little nap after we got back this morning before we headed out to town.

Went to collect a rain cover that was supposed to have arrived with our pram, and had lunch at the Centrepoint food court. Had the most expensive mixed rice in my rice cos I ordered fish and I didn't realise one of my three vegetables had scallops *.* Found ourselves in Kino next, to renew his membership card and to get some parenting magazines. Rested a little in Lucky Plaza before going to HV where he got an ice-blended Mr Bean and an OCK ngoh hiang from the MRT station shops.

He finally saw our huge-ass TV! Nice to be back at our little flat with my husband :) We rested a little more at the flat before going to a sinseh in Bt Batok to check his still swollen and still painful right foot. The sinseh started with his back - don't know why! - before going for the foot. But he was good! He actually knew which part would hurt when he asked Sito to test his ankle! After some rubbing and pulling etc, he put some nice-smelling paste (really, cos I love those Chinese ointment smells :p) on Sito's foot and wrapped it up nicely. He did some cracking work on Sito's neck as well for headaches before sending us on our way. All for $40. And he said we shouldn't need to return anymore - confident!

Got some fruits from the supermarket there before returning to Kembangan. We watched a bit of the drama Love You before going to Seng Kee downstairs for some zi char dinner. Shared some coconut juice! Now that he's back, I'm going to start on all those pre-labour things like coconut juice and raspberry leaf tea!! 要生就生吧!:p

Oh, and a funny thing today - the bai kah husband-in-pain and the clumsy pregnant wife kept telling each other to be careful with steps!! Yes, we have only two good feet between us, so let us be careful!!

Going to bed to read magazines and prop up my feet now...

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