Friday, 22 June 2012

When you're married and pregnant...

On Wednesday, Sito said my belly looked like the round coffee bun I had in the morning :(

On Thursday, Sito 歧视 my right hand cos I didn't wash it with soap after using it to eat durian :( He also 歧视 my mouth cos the smell lingered :(

And today, I made a face and Sito said I looked like a monkey! :(

Are these signs of my declining appeal???!

But well, my belly is round; he doesn't like durians; and maybe that particular face of mine just wasn't very flattering?

Just now we were talking about taking video of the delivery. I told him the hospital doesn't allow videos. In any case, I don't want to be video-ed down there!! Which led me to think that maybe I should also stop asking him to help me do perineal massage! *.*

Update one hour later

The husband just read this and told me "I still find you appealing" with a big smile! The wife is happy :)

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