Saturday, 23 June 2012

Happy bah zang day yet again!

Boy, I miss good rice dumplings! So we went to AMK for brunch and to collect bah zang on Thursday.

Sito had beehoon and kway teow with vege, fish fillet and tofu while I had glutinous rice (finally!!), vege, beans, fish fillet and luncheon meat. We were pretty full :)

Sito's mouth was stuffed full of food! :p

Mine - $3, slightly more ex than Sito's $2.70:

We had a cup of soy bean milk each - love the big mug! And only 70 cents! But I also remember that last time, 50 cents could buy a lot in a plastic bag.. Btw, my face is rounder now *.* (So are my boobs, hoho!)

Then we went shopping - in the market! Bought two more pairs of nua nua shorts for him to sleep in cos the first two pairs I bought the last time were comfortable. Found running shorts for him too - same ulu brand as his old ones! All four for $18, the equivalent of two pairs of less nua but less comfy shorts I saw at Junction 8 one day.

Next, we got three small towels as burp cloths for baby, $0.80 each. We figured there was no need for expensive burp cloths - after all, baby is just going to drool all over them! And we have soft baby cloth for wiping already so we're set.

And on the way to the local supermarket, we passed by a durian stall - durians!!!! They had three types of durians going at $6, $12 and $18 per pack, all freshly opened in front of us. Here's how the buying went:

Young man: 来来,买榴莲,买给 baby 吃!
mf: 什么榴莲啊?
YM: D24, sultan, 猫山王
mf: 给我一盒 D24 啦 *cheapest*
YM: 买猫山王啦,比较好!
mf: 也比较贵!
YM: 那买 sultan 啦⋯⋯
mf: 有什么不一样?
YM: 不一样!你闻就知道 *bring to my nose* 算你 $10!
mf: Ok la,给我一盒⋯⋯
YM: 买两盒啦,买给baby!算你两盒 $18!
mf: 不要啦,吃不完!
YM: 哪里吃不完!给 baby 吃,给妈妈吃!
mf: Huh? 真的吃不完啦!一盒够了!Thank you, thank you!

Maybe it doesn't sound so but it was pretty hilarious! We had a good laugh as we left the stall :)

Got some snacks from 宏茂 supermarket before we went to Mother's place. We just missed Ah Yee who left after wrapping the bah zang. We stayed for some two hours waiting for the bah zang to cook and cool. Sito took a nap :p I finished reading a magazine, and had two of the five seeds of durians in the box - very satisfied!!! Photos of bah zang here.

Ok, this has been a 描写文 so far but what I started out wanting to say that I really like that neighbourhood. The food may be nothing spectacular but it's good and cheap. I can do shopping at a steal and bargain with the stall owners. There are so many familiar faces and places, like the old auntie who used to sell soy bean milk. There are still old-school shops like a hole in the wall selling and repairing watches, a shop selling hell money etc, a medical halls with herb cabinets and a general store selling baby clothes at $3 each.

The neighbourhood has been bustling for the past 30 years and counting. Next time must bring our kids there, show them where I grew up :) Too bad Sito's childhood neighbourhood is no longer around...

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