Monday, 11 June 2012

Update 35w3d

Saw baby again this afternoon! He's fatter now compared to the last 3D scan at 21 weeks :) He didn't move much during the checkup but on the bus back, he was having fun punching massaging me...

And doc said baby has a big head - three weeks bigger! But the rest of him is not as big, although he's still above average going by his thigh bone. He's estimated to be 2.9kg plus. And I was again shown his balls hoho! Yes, 300% boy, I know! Oh, and he already has short hair!

That's the happy bit :)

The unhappy bit is that I have gained 3kg since my last checkup almost three weeks ago!!! Doc said it could be water retention. He also said that baby could be pressing on the left, leading to a more swollen left foot.

But I think I gained most of the 3kg cos I couldn't stop eating in the past week :( Doc told me to control! He wants me to stop gaining weight from now. Um, a bit hard if I don't cook my meals myself :( But I will try!

Now the worrying bit - Group B Streptococcus. I knew this two weeks ago and took antibiotics for it. Doc now wants me to take a lighter dose from 36 weeks all the way to delivery. If my culture test today turns out positive again, he'll put me on a stronger dose.

Another worrying but funny bit - pain relief. That was my first thought when I heard about baby's dua tow. I asked doc if I could still go without epidural. He said sure - screams are free! Haha! But he said he would take epidural if he were a woman.. And he told me that a patient refused all kinds of pain relief and took to biting her husband on the arm *.* Well, I can still decide on the day itself if I want epidural.. Let's see..

Oh, met a family of four-going-to-five at the clinic. The two girls were so cute! They were obviously curious and after a while, they started talking to me. Is your baby a boy or a girl? Mummy is also having a boy! And the parents sounded like nice people too and we chatted a bit about EDD while I waited to pay.

Other than baby stuff today, I did prenatal pilates in the morning - oops, still related to baby :) - followed by lunch and shopping at 313. Also signed up for home broadband from M1 - first step towards moving back to HV! I stopped by Isetan on the way to the clinic to get a cardholder for my ezLink card. My old cardholder was from my trip to Taiwan in 2005, and the surface was disintegrating and dotting the interior of Prada! I ended up with a nice leather cardholder with a lanyard that I can use for my ID card when I go back to work :)

Now, I'm just waiting for dinner time so that I can eat my broccoli pasta - which is more broccoli than pasta! - and feel better about my weight. Mum told me I can only watch Sito eat when he's back, sighs!

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