Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Really, we've been eating crazily in the past week since Sito's return! Let's see...


Breakfast = BK breakfast platter at Terminal 1 - not very good but oh well...
Lunch = bakso mee for him and mixed vege rice for me at Centrepoint food court
Dinner = zi char at Seng Kee at Kembangan - not as good as we hoped..


Lunch = Ajisen at IMM - finally ramen!
Snack = OCK at HV - yummy yam cake :)
Dinner = Tampines food court - don't remember what we had :p
Snack = chicken chop at the pasar malam at Tampines - very good, better than the usual ones in shopping malls!


Lunch = Katong laksa for Mum and me, and chicken rice for Sito - love it :)
Snack = fried carrot cake, black, spicy, at Albert Centre hawker centre near Sim Lim Square - finally! Just what have I been eating in the month before Sito came back??!
Dinner = crab etc at No Signboard - good of course!


Lunch = Chor Huat Pu Tien food at Kembangan - better than Seng Kee!
Snack = spring roll from OCK - this was rather flattened...
Dinner = claypot rice for me and Koo Kee YTF for him at the Bugis food court - yummy!
Snack = sausage from Bugis Village - not very yummy...


Lunch = Crystal Jade dim sum at Taka - very very good!
Snack = azuki freeze and green tea cake at TCC outside Centrepoint - the drink was way better...
Dinner = take-away mixed vege rice from Food Republic - not the best, unfortunately...


Lunch = Kwan Im Vegetarian Restaurant next to the temple - yummy!
Snack = char kway teow and a Michael Jackson at HV hawker centre - we like :)
Dinner 1 = YTF for me and some Indon fried chicken at the Cineleisure food court - satisfied!
Dinner 2* :) = 车仔面 for him and 猪扒包 for me at Causeway Bay HK Cafe at Centrepoint - think mine was better :)

* The difference between a snack and dinner 2 is that a snack is taken about an hour or more away from a main meal while dinner 2 is taken right after dinner 1 =D


Lunch = mixed vege rice from downstairs - the soup ($1.50) was very good!
Dinner 1 = Geylang Lor 9 beef hor fun with vege and tofu - yummy tofu
Dinner 2 = spring onion pancake, you tiao and soy milk at Yong He - very shiok and cold soy milk
Dinner 3 (!!) = wantan mee and dim sum at Ho Kee Pau - must be our fave Ho Kee Pau stall :)
Dinner 4 (!!!) = 芝麻白糖烧饼! It was a take-away item from a stall near dinner 1, almost as big as my hand with the fingers spread out! Very yummy...

And those were only the stuff I could still remember.. I'm not even counting our oatmeal/bread breakfast, fruits, yogurt, bedtime snacks of cheese slices, bubble tea here and there...

Today's dinner was the most sinful, nvm that we walked quite a bit from Lor 9 to Lor 27 before we took the bus back.. And we also risked our lives for this dinner - imagine a bai-kah and a pregnant women jay-walking across the busy Geylang Road!!

Now, why are there no photo?? Cos we devoured everything so quickly! :p

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