Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Last few events in Evanston

I'm staying in today. Just looking through some photos and found some nice ones from the last few events in Evanston.

I finally had the chance to take part in the Kellogg lip-dub in April! I was in DC last year this time. However, it took too long for the actual filming to happen and I had to go so I wasn't in the final cut! But it was still a lot of fun hanging out with the girls during the wait.

Source: C

And us, in traditional Korean wedding costumes at the Korean TG - I really like it :)

F organised a farewell for me at Olive Mountain - so sweet! In attendance were all the Singaporeans and "friends and fans of Singapore" in Kellogg.

Source: F

That same day, J held his son's first month celebration. Don't think we'll have a first month celebration. At least not in a big way since baby won't know a thing yet! I'll save my energy for the inevitable birthday parties in a few years' time...

Source: J

Sito took part in a chicken wings contest recently! I wasn't there to support him :( But T took some nice photos :) Sito came in third with 26 wings in 15 min! Come, let's go for a buffet one day - I also want to compete!! :p

Source: T

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