Friday, 8 June 2012

Happy Friday! :)

Registered baby for infant care today! :)

Too early? NO! By the time I started looking around, which was last week, I was already given some five "no vacancy" replies! We're lucky that the one near our place will have a vacancy in December when one of their current babies graduates to childcare! I went there yesterday and was happy with what I saw and heard from the administrator. So I went back today to register after discussing with Sito in the morning.

Baby will start with half-day care from mid December so that I can be there to help him settle in. From January, when I should be resuming work, he'll go full-time. Mum has kindly agreed to fetch him home if I can't make it back in time.

I was originally thinking of placing him near the office so that I could spend more time with him, even keeping him in the office with me if I need to stay back. But the centres there have no vacancy until February at the earliest and my office will be moving at the end of next year. Oh well, good to be near home, I suppose. I just have to make sure I get home before he falls sleep..

Also bought some children's books at Expo today. Got some 10 books (or more?) for $45. I think they should suffice for a while. I'm definitely getting more, and getting Chinese books as well. Want to build a little library for baby! :)

Oh, and, this time next week, Sito will be by my our side :)

And, I had a chicken wing from Old Chang Kee, heh :p

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