Tuesday, 19 September 2006

About farewells..

I had a think on the bus.. While I'm no good when people leave, I adapt very well when I'm the one leaving eg I didn't miss anything or anyone when I went to Oxford.. It's like, I don't want people to desert me but I'm nonchalant about abandoning them..

Does that seem a tad..selfish?


  1. Maybe you had a lot of excitement and great things to look forward to when you left for Oxford, and thus you don't feel sad or etc when you left SGP. Reasonable to say that's why you are not affected.


  2. Yep, dash agrees with SZ : )

    And as your friends who love you, we want you to focus on the excitement and fun coming your way! And the cute boys/men coming your way!

  3. Woman, you're not selfish.. you're just human.

  4. It happens to me too.
    I'm "good" at farewells, I can leave a place without even feeling sad.

  5. Most people have already told you that it is perfectly natural to feel this way, and there isn't any doubt about that. I certainly don't think of you as someone who could leave any person with ease at all times, and it certainly isn't selfish if you don't always feel as greatly attached as the other party.

    In fact, the irony is that if you show care and concern for this "selfish" behav. of yours, then the conclusion isn't that you are "selfish" but affectionate and caring for the effect you have on other people. That's a respectful trait.

  6. I feel the same way too. When I left for London, I didn't miss much of what I left behind. Similarly, when I left London, I didn't feel sad about it.

    Maybe we don't grow attached to places and people the way books and movies portray it, but we do care nonetheless, in our own ways.

    Selfish isn't a word I'd associate with mf ;)



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