Saturday, 9 September 2006

mf lost her beautiful voice!

After dancing 6/7 last week, I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms earlier this week, and I was so looking forward to Wed class but the sore throat of Tues escalated to a cough plus running nose disaster of Wed =(

Haven't taken MC for more than a year - not that I was particularly fit but I never felt bad enough for the need plus I saw no point spending $20 on lozenges and cough syrup - but this was real bad, and I had to go before lunch time.

Chirpy doc gave me two days of MC - wow, I saw hours of spending time with my bed..

I could barely walk by the time I got back from the doc. Slumped on one end of my bed without even showering.

Four hours went by.. I thought the day medicine wasn't supposed to knock me out?

Was surprisingly alert and productive after dinner and exhausted my laptop battery before it was time to pop the night medicine. Then, I learnt the meaning of being knocked out - I slept for almost 12 hours! Chirpy like the doc the next day so I went to work. Hardworking? Nah! I'll go mad spending the whole day in the house with Mother and her fave radio DJ *.* Rather go show off my sexy voice in the office :p

But somehow, I started feeling groggy again mid afternoon. Went back for dinner before popping the day medicine - was afraid that the night one would make me late for work the next day. Unfortunately, I woke at 4am and never slept again before the alarm clock "officially" woke me =(

Spent Fri evening with CY; we watched The Devil Wears Prada - we like :) Cleared the blues of waiting 25min for one of two buses for a 20min journey - it's ridiculous! Anyway, CY also had sore throat - tong bing xiang lian! Sighs, no audition for Superstar for her then =/ But we bought Big Sweep tickets from Blind Uncle again, no fame but maybe we'll get lucky with money? :)

Woke early today to go to a cleavage creation workshop by Triumph with Yan. I already knew how to measure boobs and how to wear bras corectly but I didn't know how much difference push-up bras could actually make! Still wasn't bought into the idea - I own zero push-up bra cos I don't believe in faking it.. Anyway, I don't have much to push :p

Just curious - what's the general opinion on women wearing push-up bras? I've got a female opinion and a male opinion today - both supported it. Oooh, "support" :p Anyone cares to comment?

Left to meet Sito for a Singapore Biennale tour. Was a little late but nvm, it was fun especially in the Hindi Temple where there was a piece of a vertical ladder between two mirrors facing each other - infinite stare into heaven and hell! I want to replicate that as a decor piece in my room :) Also decided on where to bring Jens and Eric when they come to Singapore in a few weeks' time :)

Headed back to Tomato Town to meet Mother to choose toilet bowl colour and design of windows etc for the upgrading project. Can't believe we actually spent an hour there! I chose light blue tiles for my room; grey and beige were yucky.. Anyway the bed, the wardrobe and the desk will cover most of the floor.. Also heard that they would only start the stacking (of the additional room) in Oct/Nov and the indoor renovation in Jan/Feb. I'm not going to get my room until Jun at least =( Don't go mad before Jun.. Don't go mad before that.. *fingers crossed*

PS: Lazy to upload photos today, kiv!

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