Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Magnetic mf

In primary school, SSS said CY and I were magnets. After that, I found myself attracting only stray cats and hungry mozzies. Sat night, I added kids to the short list.

Maybe I still smell of kids?

I lived among kids for a great part of my growing years. Mother babysitted Ting and Peggy one after the other for 2-3 years each since before they turned one. I also have cousins 7-11 years younger. There was a long break until 1998/9 when Hui was born. Since then, I haven't carried a baby until Sat, when LH brought her 6-month-old boy. Baby has grown a lot since we saw him 4-5 months ago! :) Even then, I only carried him briefly while sitting down, not too confident with young babies now..

Anyway, point is, LY's daughter and WY's two girls made me realise - for the first time - the incredible stamina of a mother of three bubbly girls! So tiring! But I had fun too, and I felt so young with them :p The three girls were climbing all over me when I was sitting and jumping on me when I was standing. That was some good bicep training carrying them around; they were 5, 6 and 8.

As my arms, back and legs ached the next day, as Mother warned would happen, I was thinking.. Do I still want many kids?? Heh! :p

PS: The girls didn't jump all over their mummies.. So good, I can have four kids! Just make sure I have friends they could jump on :p

Also some photos to share..

This is the ladder to heaven and hell (hell not shown :p) I mentioned in earlier post

And the lotus in the Guan Yin Temple - I uploaded a big file so you can zoom in to read the Buddhist scriptures, especially the third line on the right of the split. You may then understand the Chinese bit on me 成ing 佛 *.*

My shoebox room! A mock-up. Taken from the door, you're seeing 70% of it

I'll put my bed next to these windows..

And a desk in front on this window!

Cozy cozy :)

Oh, this is the colour of the toilet :p

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  1. haaa congrats! finally the shoebox arrived! lol... there's some kinda sale at ikea now shd check it out when u're free! =DDD


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