Friday, 15 September 2006

Sick old men

There are a number in this area. Let me list a few.

#1: This one takes the same bus from the same bus stop last time. He would plonk his skinny ass next to me if the seat was empty and his beady eyes would turn to me now and then. I no longer see this one cos I now take an earlier bus.

#2: Similar to #1, only worse, from the next bus stop. The earlier bus is emptier so there are empty two-seaters everywhere but he had to plonk his ass next to me. Once I was sitting on a one-seater and he hovered there, holding the railing instead of sitting down until more people moved in and he shifted to the back. The next time I sat on a two-seater, I sat on the outside so he had to find another seat. It wasn't just his beady eyes (ya, you notice I describe creeps with beady eyes), he smelled! Yucks..

#3: Some time away, this fat old man from a neighbouring block hit on Mother. Yes, my 60-year-old mother! Think she was like "WTF?!" - um, not her exact words - and then learnt to just walk away. I certainly don't mind a step-father but someone nice, not this dirty old man! Sighs, mother and daughters certainly don't have much good luck - I stress, GOOD - in love..

#4: Ultimate! Last night, MZ came back about 10+ and informed us that she saw an old man wanking below the MRT tracks. She took out her phone and he ran away while trying to pull up his trousers, mooning MZ in the process! We had a good laugh :p

mf: *gasp* You've been flashed!
MZ: I didn't see "it"; his hand was over "it"! Only the butt, so lucky, can buy lottery.. Haha!
mf: Eh, my friend taught me that you should look down and smirk, then walk away.. Destroy him!
MZ: I didn't see "it"!

"It" indeed, I almost died laughing! :p

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  1. It's the way you swing your butt lah. Kekee


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