Monday, 4 September 2006

mf prances!

Yes! And guess what? mf now owns four gold medals! :)

After putting a ton of wax and glossy hair water on my hair, I cabbed down to Tessensohn CSC only to bump the bun out of position as I got out of cab :( But we were early so I re-did my hair.

The practice before the comp started wasn't too good. Didn't help when we saw others dancing beautifully.. But wait, they must be competing in a higher category! :p

Finally went down for the first item of the day, also our first dance - pre-beginner waltz, our only item with a knock-out round. I could feel myself shaking, and we had a collision that destroyed my hair (again!) and almost took my right shoe away. I re-did my hair in record time during the next dance item. Thought we might not get recalled for waltz finals but we were.

Tango, quickstep and foxtrot were all straight finals as there only 4-6 couples per item. The second dance tango was much better than waltz; the nerves were almost gone by then. Quickstep was amazingly fun despite a collision, and foxtrot smooth despite a weak frame (compared with Sat lesson) and a torturously slow beat. Felt we danced better in the waltz finals than knock-out.. And we were done for the day! Spent the rest of the afternoon watching and wowing at the other items.

And took photos, of course!

We are Number 46

See our dance shoes - mine are quite busted.. Sito's look better but actually the soles are almost gone..

Now, introducing my first medals! :)

Actually I have a bronze "medal" for NAPFA in Sec 4 but I have to discount that cos the 2.4km route seemed shorter. I actually failed NAPFA in all my schooling years *.* So it was a significant moment for me to win these medals! Not to mention that I can now, ahem, proclaim myself to be a sports person :p

Must thank all who sent us good wishes via text and all who supported us in the ballroom! :)

(a little blurred =/)

Couldn't be bothered to change out so we left CSC pairing smart dress shirt and pretty frock..

(showing off medals again!)

..with comfortable slippers like these!

Went to Chinatown for a foot reflexology session - must reward ourselves!

But of course that wasn't enough. Cabbed down to Tanjong Pagar for some dim sum (and bumped my hair again as I got into cab but nvm!) but my fave little dim sum teahouse was closed =/ Nvm, found a quaint little Chinese place just down the street with super big and yummy gyoza.. We have to trim down for the next comp but that's a few months away so, when to binge if not now? :)


  1. congrats ah video 4 me to c?

  2. grats on the shinies! continue to progress in your dancing and appear on tv someday so i can watch you perform ;)



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