Friday, 22 September 2006


I happened to turn around to put something in my "to-shred" tray when I saw my £2 egg cups I got from a garage sale at Wesley Methodist just down the street from Frewin.

I was instantly reminded of this nightmare last night! Busy but was compelled to drop all work to write about it! (Oops..)

Was in a dim room, looked like some hostel. I was desperately separating my stuff into wants and dumps. Already had a full suitcase sitting on the floor with two small backpacks.

All my stuff were in two decks of some kind of brown shelf that looked vaguely like my old cot (which was blue) or the goods shelves in Grams's provision shop (ya, those were brown). Anyway, the shelf just looked damn old.

Don't remember the things I kept but I dumped a lot, including the egg cups. One of the cups broke as I mindlessly dropped it among the dumps. The sound startled me and I turned back, saw the broken cup and felt a huge pang of regret..

But I had a flight to catch in two hours! I turned back to continue packing. Decided to utilise my black suitcase with a broken wheel.

And the strangest thing was, all the time, MZ was just sitting behind me, watching..!

I remember saying to her or thinking that I would leave the remaining stuff in UK (somehow the venue revealed itself) with MZ (why was she there?!) and I would have to make a trip back to collect my stuff or trust her to bring back for me.

And..I couldn't recall anything after that..

Wondering if it could be because around this time three years ago, I was desperately packing my suitcases to prepare for my one-way flight back to Singapore... That was so rushed I didn't have time to say a proper goodbye to my friends who came to see me off and ended up having to help with my barang barang..

That horrible rush was insignificant compared to the gnawing sense of loss when I saw the broken cup, when I had to leave so abruptly..

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