Thursday, 14 September 2006

Sports day!

Had a fun time yesterday as it was our corporate sports day!

I've never, NEVER, been a participant in sports day in all my schooling years, shy ma, cos I was too big, fat and slow! Still am not very fast but I figure I haven't got much time to be shy!

Yesterday, I participated in three of four telematches :) Ya, and damn proud of it even though we didn't win any! Came in second twice, one third and one last among the four houses. Very funny too, poor TO suffered a 4-hour birthday walk to the
tree top walk just a short while ago and now she had to run; our pretty TO is certainly not the running type..

"What have you gotten me into??!"

But we did well! And it was great fun even though my house was fourth in the end. Think my JC house used to get last or about there too.. It wasn’t me! :p

Anyway, I’m aching badly now *.*

1 comment:

  1. You used to be FAT? What do you weigh now, about 80 pounds? :-O


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