Thursday, 26 January 2012

15w6d and happy!

When I was suffering morning sickness, I commented that the fear of morning sickness could make me stop at one, although it seems that people keep having children because after the delivery, they forget how difficult a pregnancy can be.

Well, I was wrong - I've already forgotten the pains of morning sickness!!

Granted, I still can't drink plain water without feeling gassy and I now have a constantly dripping nose. But I haven't puked for three weeks and the last time I felt nauseous was two weeks ago. The nose, well, it isn't like I haven't dealt with that before so yes, I'm managing.

The biggest setback is that I can't sleep through the night since about week 12. I'll keep waking and if I'm lucky, I doze off pretty quickly but mostly, especially if I wake around 5 am, I'll stay awake trying to make at least one nostril functional until the sky lights up. Tmd.

So for about a week now, I've been trying to nap in the afternoon. I even set an alarm to remind myself to sleep and another to wake me two hours later. Unfortunately, I'm not used to napping and if I manage to doze off, it would be only for about 30 min. Well, better than nothing!

This morning, I was tossing in bed, hoping to sleep until noon cos I was so tired! But suddenly, I got hungry. Very. Hungry. I couldn't wait to brush my teeth! And I skipped my half cup of warm water with lemon and went straight for the oatmeals. This was the second time this week. Am I going to start gorging myself henceforth?? Hmmm, I don't mind.. Haha!

Skyped with Jo the other day. She said I seemed to be showing already. Alas, it was just my spare tyre! All these years, I've always been pulling in my tummy muscles to keep looking slim - vain :p But since the morning sickness started, I felt so bad I couldn't be bothered anymore - just let it loose! Now I'm all natural!

But she was right - I should continue to keep myself pretty! So I'm going to freshen up even though I'm just going out to run some errands. And for dinner with the girls tonight, I'll doll up like I did for LNY eve! Only that I WILL remember to cleanse and detox my face properly this time!

Overall - happy :)

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