Friday, 27 January 2012

Thinking about my housewife/working mum-transit

Some work stuff came up for three consecutive days.

Wednesday, I dreamt that Sito and I were both consultants but for different companies. I carried my poor baby everywhere with me and at every hour until I got fed up and came up with some system (god knows what!) that allowed me and subsequently the whole company to have better work-life balance!

Thursday, I prowled SGDI to check out the departments in my old office which had been revamped in the past year. I realised that I may have a problem at the end of my no-pay leave.. All the positions appeared filled. Non-MAs/AOs will probably be there to stay. MAs/AOs will be posted out but they may be replaced by incoming ones. So will there be a role for me?

Sito suggested trying MOE. Bigger ministry. There are probably vacancies? Possible. Education is close to my heart. And it's near home hoho! I mean, 做生不如做熟, but if the 熟 has become 面目全非 (revamped already), I may be better off in the 生 right?

Or maybe I should heed the "advice" of that dream and look outside the public sector...

Friday, i.e. today, got a nice message from TC that they all missed me! Nice bunch of people but too bad I'm not interested in what may kill me - stats! No, it doesn't make me stronger *.*

I've decided that I will go back to work (forgot to publish this last week - be nice to me and go read it :) ), but I'm seriously wondering what kind of job I'll be in comes 2013. Should really tidy up my resume and tune my housewifey brain a little. I'm really rusty now. Having such a relaxed and laid back life for such a long time has slowed me down. And I've never been quick to begin with! How to field questions from bosses like this?!

Being pregnant doesn't help. I don't know why but this afternoon, I used four cups of rice for one packet of chicken rice mix instead of my usual three. And I almost cooked four cups of plain rice. Luckily I caught myself before I washed the rice because all these were for a dinner of four and one serving is typically half a cup!

Anyway... Yes, I'm already thinking of work - the job itself, how I'll re-adapt to work, how to manage work and family. Will need to talk to some people by mid year and make some decisions. My to-do list upon returning to Singapore is getting longer every other week!


  1. Hmm maybe when your baby arrives you might feel differently and wanna be a stay at home mum? What in MOE would you be interested in? :)

  2. chuan dao qiao tou zi ran zhi....

    ENJOY the pregnancy process


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