Monday, 23 January 2012


Check out our dinner party last night at T's place!

S (T's husband) is soooo lucky.... I told Sito I also wanted a wife who could cook well :)

Oh yes, it was the same group as Christmas, except that R was replaced by his newborn son :)

It started raining heavily just as we left the party. I must have caught a chill somehow cos this morning I started sneezing again. Or it could be because I slept late at 1 plus. No, it wasn't because I was 守岁-ing; I quit doing that when I got sick of the LNY show years ago. (And if it's good, there's the repeat telecast the next afternoon! Why suffer panda eyes??) I was up watching 步步惊心 :p It's such a good show! I think I'll finish it tonight...

And I called back of course, partly obligatory. You know, after last year's episode... But well, managed to tell Mother about little baby:

mf: 你要抱孙了!
Mother: 谁?
mf: ...


Anyway... I also spoke with Ah Yee who still sounded the same and very busy with the festivities. Now no more Grams to help with the steamboat... And of course Yan who is back in Sg now - so envious! Don't know when I'll see her again.. Won't be able to go to her wedding reception this April - trying to reduce long flights - and next year, I hope for her that it will be her turn to be unable to take long flights :)

I'm now sitting here with a thick layer of detox cream mask on my face. Should have done that last night cos I put on makeup for the dinner. Now I'm suffering an emerging pimple with a potentially devastating radius on my nose :( You know, I just want to blow my nose without feeling more pain than there already is. Of course it's best if I don't have to blow my nose at all but it doesn't look like that's possible in this weather and with my hormones wrecking havoc. Bah.

Just sent a message to remind Sito to buy milk on his way home from school. I'm too lazy to go out for just a gallon of milk :p And yes, I'm still in my PJs. Going to read more blogs before Sito comes home for lunch. I'm pretty excited about cooking today - first day of the new year ma, must cook something nice! Nothing exciting for lunch though, cos I have leftover sausages for pasta - my version of 年年有余? :p But for dinner, we're going to have mapo tofu!! Found a new bottle of spicy bean sauce from one of the graduates last June - more spicy dishes to come!

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