Saturday, 14 January 2012

I heart Singapore :)

This morning I saw a picture of ramen posted by MT, and I got so emo that I teared when talking to Sito about it. So we googled for ramen near us and found it! I was saved!!

I had tonkotsu ramen set while Sito had a tempura udon set, both of which came with a side of California maki. There was free flow ice water and hot barley tea. And before we left, we bought decaf genmai cha and a small tub of azuki flavoured ice-cream which turned out to be very good with real azuki beans!

A bowl of steaming ramen made me realise how much I had taken Singapore for granted. All kinds of cuisine are so easily accessible - yes, I'm ruled by my tummy now. And a new Malaysian Food Street just opened at RWS! As I continued to click through on CNNGo, I also found that I don't know my country very well - there are so many food places to try and so many things to do and explore.

I've been reading too much trash online from fellow Singaporeans, strangers who sound like they hate (living in) Singapore, trolls on certain forums and blogs. Even among my friends, I often see negative Facebook posts about Singapore.

On the other hand... Sito went to a Singaporean gathering last night. It was quite late so I didn't go - cold! But more than 10 people were there, and guess what? Only four were born and bred Singaporeans. The rest were either immigrants, or what we call "associates", i.e. those who have studied and/or worked in Singapore. And then there was this guy who turned up simply cos he likes Singapore! I beamed just hearing about the evening :)

So my sample isn't exactly statistically representative.. But it just makes me wonder why it seems that Singaporeans have more negative feelings about their own country? Because we see the everyday things more clearly? Or because we're hooded by our daily family and work demands?

In the past, I had felt frustrated living in Singapore too. Hot outside but freaking cold in the office and in the malls etc. Unable to get cabs at night. Too much work to enjoy life.

But after being away for more than a year, I'm seeing Singapore in a different light. Before Sito got his job offer in Sg, I was pretty happy about staying here. I never really missed Singapore. But since we knew our destination this summer, I just can't wait to get back!

I think I'll never want to leave again. Except for the occasional vacation. The recuperative vacation after each vacation can only be home in Singapore :)

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