Monday, 9 January 2012

Swinging moods

Yesterday was such a fine day! I was up and about the whole day except for the hour or so of post-lunch slump when we were nua-ing in bed - love our weekends!

But greediness got the better of me last night - I finished up a whole packet of soy bean milk cos I was so thirsty. And shortly after that, I felt sick and went back to my whine seat - the good old sofa.

So there I was, grouchy for quite a while and Sito couldn't do anything about it. That is, until he decided to have a snack - instant noodles! I took a couple of bites and suddenly felt good enough to go to bed.

But my sleep was short-lived. Woke at 1.30 am feeling extremely mang zang - haven't felt that mang zang since the very long assemblies in secondary school! Kicking the duvet did not help. Sito made me take a little walk (10 steps hoho!) to the living room and lie down on the sofa. Almost fell asleep there.. Love my whine seat! Too bad it'll break my back if I sleep on it for too long..

Went back to bed eventually but it was a fitful sleep. I was drifting in and out of sleep for most of the night, with a silly nose that alternated between being blocked and dripping.

When his alarm clock finally went off, I had been awake for some time and sneezing my head off. Woke with a cold :( And I haven't been having enough fluids - what if I get dehydrated?!

The sneezes were bad and blowing my nose made my heart race. And I had to cancel a tea this afternoon. I felt really frustrated, argh!

Then I remembered my TCM doc's words a while ago when I had to stop taking her herbs which worsened my morning sickness - she said I could make goji berry tea to drink at home. If I can't drink plain water, maybe I could drink that? I used to do that in office after trying it at my spa.

So here I am, my thirst quenched by half a cup of hot goji berry tea, fed into my system teaspoon by teaspoon :) The goji berries are all fat and swollen now, very cute. And cos I didn't use boiling water - I used hot water plus one minute in the microwave - they are still whole and not nua nua. I can keep topping up until tonight!

And somewhere along the way, my nose has miraculously stopped dripping!

Feeling better now... I don't like to feel mang zang or sick. I want to be happy! (Time to find another drama to watch!) Hope that this additional hydration can help me sleep better henceforth... I would really, really love a good night's sleep!

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