Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A beautiful winter day

It's such a pleasant day today that I walked 30 min home instead of taking the bus after tutoring at the elementary school. A squirrel obviously thought the same as it ran from a lawn to a tree - I haven't seen these furry cuties since late last year! Although a frozen and very dead rat was spotted just outside our building a couple of weeks ago *.*

Now our windows are open and the breeze is refreshing. And driving out the smell of fried luncheon meat from our apartment :p I don't even feel cold wearing a sleeveless top sitting at the window. And my decaf genmaicha remains warm.

The trees are still bare. Some big piles of snow remain in the carpark downstairs. Otherwise, this could have been a spring or early summer day.

Stay, you beautiful weather, please stay :)

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