Thursday, 2 February 2012

Looks and personality

Whenever we talk about how baby would look like, I would say that I don't need our kids to be good-looking; I'd rather them be friendly kids and happy adults.

But last night, we had a long conversation in bed, and an old adage came to me: A little beauty goes a long way.

I think "beauty" here refers to more than just good looks. Good looks are just one part of the whole beauty package. I recall a line from Sex and the City: Sexy is the thing I try to get them to see me as after I win them over with my personality. Well said, Miranda.

In situations as trivial as ordering food at a hawker centre, some beauty could get you better service, more vege, a little discount. Uncles and aunties like the pretty girl, the handsome boy, and also the funny OL and the plain young man who always strikes up a conversation.

And in situations that do matter, like landing a job or chasing skirts, the first impression can sometimes really make or break. And guess what the first impression is made up of?

I love looking at Sito. I always think he's good looking. But he says I'm subjective. Fine. He is no *insert name of yummy celeb*. But oh my, he charms me no end :) So that's his success in chasing skirts :p

But I'm certainly objective when I say he looks good in work wear, especially a well-tailored suit. Now that's a very good first impression before he opens his mouth and shows his smarts to interviewers. Oh yes, smarts are still important!

Yours truly looks good in a suit too, btw :) But not everyone does. For example, thin people. Really, I just realised this after years of fussing over my tummy! On the other hand, someone with some meat or muscles (oooh!) fill up a suit nicely.

And sometimes it's more than the clothes. A guy down the hall thought his beard would make him look more knowledgeable and reliable to prospective employers, but was told by his friend - bluntly - to shave it off. He took the advice and got a job! No more Shaggy! Of course he's also smart la... Oh, much of our conversation was actually on interviews as it is recruiting season right now..

So does this mean people who look and/or come across as less impressive are at a disadvantage?

I've had the opportunity to be part of an interview panel last time at work. First impressions seem to correlate with eventual success or failure. There was this pretty fresh grad, smart answers but rather tai tai and fragile - can she tahan the hours? We put her through to the next round but she gave us up. A mousy middle-age guy came for a higher-level job. Asked him the usual stuff but his replies were as mousy as him - rejected.

At the same time, we had a lot of interviewees who impressed at first sight but crumbled upon further scrutiny. On the other hand, I remember vividly, we had a timid and quiet fresh grad who looked lost and then looked like she was going to cry with each new question! But she managed to give sensible replies despite obvious stress. And she didn't cry. She was eventually hired.

I guess it takes the whole package to be considered favourably in job interviews. But a good first impression will give one person the edge over another if they both have the same aptitude.

So, baby, we don't need you to be very good looking - actually, you won't be cos your parents aren't the yummiest couple around hoho! - but some amount of looks will be much useful to you! Good luck in your development! *pat pat*

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