Sunday, 5 February 2012

An unquenchable thirst

Very very thirsty since dinner. Tried miso soup, soy milk, 1% milk, water. Nothing helped.

Please don't tell me I need beer *.*

Guess that leaves only one thing - sleep.

But I'm pretty disappointed that water didn't do the trick. A couple of days ago, I found that I was able to take water again without feeling gassy. My fluid intake is now no longer restricted to Pepsi, milk, soy milk, tea, Milo and the pathetic half cup of warm water I bluff my tummy into taking every morning. I can now have water at any time of the day! Yeah!

I have been reading two pregnancy books from J - in Chinese ok... So I don't understand the names of minerals and certain foods. But otherwise, I find the info quite interesting and different from my Mayo Clinic book. Besides the usual, the Chinese versions also give food suggestions using ingredients familiar to us, like goji berries and black fungi! I like :) At the same time, I notice that the Chinese versions tend to be more paranoid, like cannot take cold foods.

Um, I've been taking a lot of cold stuff leh.. Especially drinks when I had morning sickness. In fact, I still want cold drinks now. I feel better drinking cold stuff unless it's tea but my teas are not all decaf... And I've been having lots of ice cream too :p I guess if it's edible and generally not harmful to a normal person, I should listen to my body and eat whatever I like, right?

miso: Right!

So there, I'm going to have some soy milk* and go to bed :)

* Btw, soy milk in the local supermarkets is not soy milk. Really. At first, I wondered if the Sg soy milk was very processed, it being so smooth and yummy. But no. T made some soy milk from scratch - i.e. real! - the other day and it tasted like the soy milk in Sg. I was reminded of Ah Yee's homemade soy milk years ago... So, never buy soy milk here unless it's an Asian brand or unless you want to feel gross *.*

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