Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A new discovery at 17w5d

I hesitate to put my kid's genitals on cyberspace but since HE wasn't shy at all...

Yes, it's a boy!

First thought: No stress for dragon year cohort P1 registration at the alumni phase!

So, Sito's guess is right. And apparently my dream too.

A few weeks ago, we had dinner with WSY and her husband and they said that in Korea, their dreams would tell them the gender of the baby. There's even a book with such interpretation! Of course, take it with a pinch of salt la.. She dreamt of a tiger which supposedly meant a boy but they're having a girl.

That very night, I had a strange dream of a cartoony crocodile trying to eat a little girl. WSY checked online and found that it meant a boy. But I was unconvinced. I kept feeling it was a girl due to this chart I found early in the pregnancy and what the TCM doctor said. But Sito had one data point - obviously a more accurate one - which was the darkening hair on my belly *.* "Must be the testosterone!"

Well, we would have been happy with either boy or girl, so long as it's healthy. I couldn't wipe a silly smile off my face as we walked out of the hospital =D So nice to know baby's gender!

Anyway, this sonographer was very nice. She took a quick look and told us that baby's heart was going at 157 bpm and that things looked normal on the surface. We'll do a detailed assessment in two weeks' time. The main purpose of today's visit was to check my cervical length, very good at 3.8 cm; it should be more than 3 cm. But the placenta is currently rather near the cervix so they'll monitor its position later as it can move as baby grows; too near may complicate natural delivery.

Second thought came from Sito, which wiped the smile off my face: Shall we delivery here or in Sg?

Maybe as a girl, I'm not in the best position to say this. But something must be wrong with our NS when our men don't want their sons to serve NS!

I'm pretty sian cos I want our kids to be Singaporeans! And I don't want to stay here until August! And I'll feel much better in the hands of my gynae in Sg!

Well, I intend to buy our one-way tickets after the detailed assessment. We'll have two weeks to think about this..

In the meantime, show off a cute shot of Sito Jr - "buru buru buru"



  1. congrats MF! talking about dreams, I dreamt that I was having a girl, and we just confirmed yesterday that it was a girl too! Spooky!


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