Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sprawling in front of laptop..

Am feeling sick the second night in a row. From overeating. Yes, my fault. Serves me right :(

We had Prima Taste laksa last night:

And you know, usually in Sg, I don't finish up the laksa soup. I finished it up yesterday.

And you know (again), usually in Sg, laksa itself makes a meal, if I have laksa at all. I also had half a big plate of bacon, chicken and cabbage stew.

This morning, we had breakfast at Le Peep with some friends. I ordered this big plate of scrabbled eggs with spinach and chicken, potatoes and an English muffin, and a flask - yes, a flask and I must have had 60% of that - of decaf coffee. And I stunned bits of Sito's pancakes.

Just now, we had the leftover laksa soup with some rice and noodles and separate meat and vege, followed by fruits, keropok and Yan Yan.

Now, I'm burping both coffee and random parts of dinner.

And my tummy is so big - all my fault, not baby's! - that I couldn't bring myself to give myself a pedicure in the bathroom just now. You know, pedicure, must bend over a bit. Tummy in the way *.*

It's been such a lazy Saturday. We hopped back into bed after breakfast to catch up on more sleep. Then I did some chores while he carried on sleeping. Finally woke him up to drink some barley. Then we stayed in bed chatting and playing games on the iPad. Wonder if we would be able to have such lazy weekend afternoons when we go back to Sg.. Maybe before baby is born cos after that, we'll be at its beck and call!

Back to food... Some stuff we've had since the last food update..

Sito tried to recreate 沙河粉 with chicken and prawn stock. Didn't look like it but it was quite nice!

Now, check this out - rojak ingredients!! Just you tiao, taupok, cucumber and bean sprouts. The peanuts were actually honey roasted peanuts from a can - I rolled a water bottle over them in a ziplock bag to crush them..

And I even used a plastic plate to make it look more "hawker centre"! And those were toothpicks, not satay sticks - purposely didn't take in the whole toothpicks :p

Got the "exotic" ingredients from Argyle last Saturday. We were wondering why Argyle was so crowded that day until we walked out of lunch into the LNY parade! Didn't expect to see lion dance and dragon dance here!

Think we happened to be in Argyle for the same parade last year but we caught only the firecracker part, if I remember correctly.

And on Argyle, on our way home from our previous trip there late last year, we found a "magical string" on my coat - got Sito to take a video, quite fun!

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