Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy V Day, every day!

We happened to have some strawberries in the fridge so I made a little arrangement in his cereal bowl this morning before I left for volunteer work. Happy.

Walked to school after that to meet him for lunch at the school cafe, buffet style. It being today, there were pink sponge cakes and red velvet cupcakes on a table decorated with candies. Sweet.

We spent the afternoon washing clothes, changing bed sheets and doing homework before taking a nap - he in the fresh sheets cos he'd had a shower and me in the sofa cos I didn't shower until just now. Very normal.

It was 8 pm (!) when I woke. We weren't very hungry so he cooked instant noodles for himself while I made myself a bowl of granola with yogurt and fruits. Our dinner was topped with the nth rerun of "Die Hard with a Vengeance" on the tele. Perfect.

And now, I have cotton pads of Epsom salt solution on my pimply face while he studies. The only sounds in the room are my sniffling, his typing and some background noise in the building. Again, very normal.

So, we are having a very normal day which happens to be Valentine's Day. We agree that every day can be Valentine's Day for us :)

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