Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Peanut butter love

The first time I came across nut allergy must be in some angmoh story book. Somehow, angmohs are more prone to nut allergy. There are two main kinds of nut allergy - tree nut allergy and peanut allergy, cos peanuts are not tree nuts. Collectively, what are nut allergy sufferers missing?

1) Groundnuts in their shells, toasted and begging to be split open to be downed with some ice cold beer
2) Cashews, almonds, hazelnuts etc as an afternoon snack on their own, or crushed and sprinkled over vanilla yogurt or good old cereals
3) Smooth creamy peanut butter, perfect on nicely toasted white bread
4) Crunchy peanut butter, perfect on its own, especially after some vile TCM concoction
5) All kinds of nutty delights, like rojak (what's rojak without crushed nuts?), pistachio ice cream, or the two peanut butter chocolate chip cookies sitting behind me right now..

*** 30 minutes ago ***

mf: I want another cookie..
(mf eats a second peanut butter chocolate chip cookie)
mf: Oh no, I want another one..
(mf stares at the near empty box)
Sito: Close the box now.
mf: There are only two left...
(mf stares at the near empty box)
Sito: Close the box NOW.
(mf stares a little more)
Sito: We'll eat them tomorrow.
mf: Ok..
(mf closes the box)

*** Back to now ***

Yup, better to keep them behind me where I can't see and yearn for them!

I think I have an addiction to nuts. I can't stop once I've started! The only way to stop is to start with only a handful. If the entire box or bag is in front of me, I'd eat until I feel full or sick :( And sometimes, I would still continue for a while until I get disgusted with myself.

miso: No control, you horrible woman!
mf: But they are SO good!

Sometimes I think I'm just a compulsive eater. Ice cream isn't my favourite but I can go at a tub of ice cream until I feel sick. I like chocolate but that makes me feel sick quite early - the throat will start to burn.

I think I need to change my eating habits. No good for me or baby if I keep eating like this! I had a strange dream about inculcating good eating habits in our kids the other day.. Good eating habits mean moderation, not deprivation. But I think I have to set a good example first. For a start, I'll make the remaining one box each of almonds and cashews last until we leave Evanston! (I'll try my best with ice cream - it's milk after all, right? :p)

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