Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lounging in my PJs (again)

I haven't stepped out of this building apartment since Friday... Well, what's new? :p

Anyway, this relatively warm winter seems to be becoming a normal one after all. It started snowing on Friday just as I was returning from the clinic. Within a few hours, the temperature went from 1C to -12C!

This weather and all my hormones are making my nose worse these days. I'm really not getting much sleep at night. And once the day breaks, I find it hard to stay in bed to try to go back to sleep, partly cos of my nose and partly cos of insane hunger. So I've been waking up pretty early these days. After breakfast, I'll laze on the sofa or creep back into bed to read stuff on the iPad before waking Sito if he has no school.

Yesterday morning was quite funny. After waking Sito at noon (!) and a very long stage 1 (lazing in bed), he made an ultra fast transition from stage 2 (sitting up in bed) to stage 3 (off the bed) - and he proceeded to make the bed with me in it! I was very tickled :p

Had chee cheong fun for lunch. Of cos it wasn't enough so I made some bread rolls to eat with peanut butter :p Later, Sito got hungry too but he doesn't like peanut butter so...

Yes, bah kwa bun! :p He had two of those, yummy...

Woke to a very sunny morning today. So sunny that my neck was burning as I was brushing my teeth cos the sun was coming through the window *.* So sunny that my bread rolls were warm when I got to the living room! :)

Sito didn't sleep well but had to wake for a morning meeting. So we went back to bed after lunch :p and I had three hours of blissful sleep! Sito reminded me that I woke somewhere in the middle and told him to go drink the barley! But I must have dozed off quickly after that so it still felt like continuous sleep. I was so grateful! Seriously, I haven't slept for more than two hours at a stretch for a long time..

Really should get back to my afternoon naps.. Forgot to nap in the past week cos I was busy planning for our holidayS :) Be going away the first weekend of March, then spring break, then another weekend in April.. Details later! :)

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