Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday dates

Before we moved in together, we used to go on dates on Tuesdays :)

We would usually meet in Orchard and have dinner at either Food Republic or Ajisen. Then we would head for the cab stand at Lucky Plaza or Heeren to get a quick ride home. Sometimes if he wasn't too tired, he would send me home first.

We were walking home from the bus stop just now when we realised that hey, it's Tuesday today! :)

It's Chicago Restaurant Week so we decided to go downtown for dinner today. But before that, we stopped by the MCA. Um, too arty farty for us.. It just so happened that this morning at the tutoring session, we did a comprehension story where Olivia the pig went to a museum, saw a painting and commented that she could do that at home in five minutes. Well, at some points, we felt the same way *.* I much prefer the last exhibition I saw.

Anyway, as we walked up to the third floor, we both began to get really hungry. So we headed for our main destination, Carson's. It was a great choice! First of all, we had a really friendly and helpful server, Mike, who recommended trying various preparations of our meat so we got more varied tastes than just BBQ. Then, well, just look at this spread!

Caesar salad, simple but the first I had with whole romaine leaves. Sito had coleslaw but that wasn't interesting enough for a photo :p

Mediterranean shrimps - perfectly grilled and juicy on top of grilled vegetables. Sito suddenly became more open to me trying out more Mediterranean recipes..

Ah, the bibs... They could only mean that our meat was on its way!


Sito ordered a sampler from the dinner menu - half slab of BBQ ribs, a quarter BBQ chicken, a medium charred pork chop. Yes, medium as in it was a little pink in the middle. I tried the outside bit and it was out of this world! This came with a side of salad (i.e. the coleslaw) and potato - he chose the double baked potato, i.e. baked potato dug out and mixed with sour cream and chives, and baked again in its skin!

I chose from the Restaurant Week menu. Besides the caesar salad and prawns, I had half slab of BBQ ribs and half a chicken done Mediterranean style. The chicken skin was nicely seasoned and crisp, while the ribs were meaty with a sauce that didn't feel too heaty even though it was BBQ. I chose potato au gratin which was soooo sinful!

Of course we couldn't finish everything! Honestly I would be quite disgusted with ourselves if we did *.* We packed home a half of my chicken and 80% of his pork. We finished the potatoes! And we were tempted into ordering an apple pie with vanilla ice cream! Which we finished too! Ok, we should be disgusted with ourselves... Damage: $83 all in and about five extra inches on each of us.

We could have taken the train home from a nearby station but full as we were, we decided to walk all the way up north to catch the school bus instead.

Along the way, we popped into Forever 21 and I got this really pretty frilly dress! :) Ok, what's a pregnant woman doing with a pretty frilly dress right... Well, it's got an elastic waist :) And a wrap neckline to show up my new cleavage hoho! I'll put up photos when I eventually wear it..

When we emerged from the shop, it seemed that it had rained AND stopped! Lucky! :) And the lights were so pretty! Had to pose :)

Those two minutes of posing almost caused us to miss the school bus! We saw it in front of the school from way back and we had to speed up quite a bit and lucky we did cos it left shortly after we took our seats! Phew!

And so, that was our latest Tuesday date. I like to go pah-toh with my husband :) But next time with kids, pah-toh must go hand in hand with 拜托 - 拜托 Mum to take care of the young ones for a few hours!

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