Sunday, 15 January 2012

Getting ready for home!

We just had a slice of bah kwa while examining the MRT map. Sito kind of moved along the Circle Line twice in the past few years :)

These days when I have nothing to do (which is often!), I will think about things to do when we get back. First and foremost, combine eating and catching up with friends! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, hi-tea, dinner and supper! I've already very kiasuly thought of where to go for certain foods...

Amoy when I go back to office: Two stalls of wonton mee, fish soup, fruit juice, fish ball noodle soup, Ipoh hor fun, seafood hor fun - all within two facing rows! And of course bah chor mee, char kway teow and teh halia..

Tanjong Pagar where we took our wedding photos: Dim sum cos I like their big fat guo tie!

Maxwell - looks like I must go back to office often: Economy rice, vegetarian economy rice, Ho Kee porridge, prawn mee, mee siam, cookie stall

Blk 409 when I go to find Mother: Glutinous rice, economy bee hoon, nasi lemak, fried carrot cake, roti prata

Downstairs: Crystal Jade dim sum and la mian xiao long bao, Sushi Tei, zi char, Breadtalk, Each-A-Cup

Besides eating, I also want to do foot reflexology at Chinatown, facial at Amore, pilates somewhere, and shopping! Oh, and I want to take the Circle Line to places where we've always wanted to go, like the Korean BBQ place at Pasir Panjang, Labrador Park for a stroll etc..

Then there are 正经事 to do too, wrt our apartment and baby, and I've already written out a task list with specific deadlines. Must be prepared :)

And looking around our apartment now, I think I need to start packing certain things. There are so many things I'll love to bring back but we may have a luggage issue... See how la..

Sito is still reading off his iPad. So nice to have finished all his homework for next week :) Now we're just relaxing with some background music.. Gonna join him on the sofa now!

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  1. Congratulations on ur baby! Just read here n found out the good news. Could b a gal as the sac is oval shape let's see if old wives tale is right


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