Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A letter to my DS

Dear Digestive System,

I'm sorry that you're facing some external interference that's causing you to malfunction at times. I'm suffering with you too, you know?

There's nothing much I can do for you right now except to support you by sending healthy foods and drinks your way. At the same time, I would appreciate some reciprocal support fom you as well. For example, while I eat regularly and moderately, you can move the food in one direction and more quickly. And, 没事胃痛一整天,可以不要吗?!!!!

Oops, I'm sorry I yelled but yesterday was really uncalled for - I was a good girl and yet you did not respond kindly to anything I ate. Please do not disappoint me like that again. I promise that in a few months' time, I'll reward you with all the comfort food you want. Before then, let's work together for a healthier you and me, ok?

Best regards,
:) mf

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