Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dream everything!

Others dream-feed. I dream-shampoo *.*

ZK really hates having his hair washed. He screams and struggles until I have no choice but to put him on the kitchen counter cos I don't have enough strength to hold him in place for the shampoo!

Today, he fell into an unexpectedly deep sleep after his evening feed. So I shampoo-ed the top/front part of his hair while he was in my sling! Shampoo-ed the rest while he was awake and peacefully sitting in his bath. Ahhh, no screaming :)

I'm nursing now. Hope he sleeps after this.. Last night, I didn't swaddle him and it took almost four hours to get him to sleep and stay that way!! But he didn't scare himself awake. Tonight, no swaddle again - getting small and I should really wean him off it.. Keeping fingers crossed...

I don't mind waking to feed so I don't dream-feed. But how I wish I could do a dream-change of diapers!! No screaming and no soiled laundry in the morning!

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