Monday, 3 September 2012

My little vampire

ZK just slept for 6 hours and 40 minutes straight! Yay!

But I woke up at 5 hours plus to check on him - yep, still breathing! Well, paranoid Mama.. Then I started worrying about his diapers cos he was wearing Drypers which tend to give him diaper rash; Huggies leak for him so I quit using that at night even though it's better for his skin.

Anyway, I finally heard some rustling through the baby monitor and he started whining as I walked into his room. Stuffed a swollen boob into his mouth quickly and immediately, he went gulp gulp gulp! Could have been a hungry vampire sucking blood hoho! But of course it's our hungry boy :)

He dropped off after 15 min, drunk, which gave me a great opportunity to change his diaper. But as usual, he woke and stretched when I removed his swaddle, and started crying at the changing table. Luckily not much poop, but I was surprised there wasn't much pee too.. Worked quickly to avoid being peed on!

Now he has been at it for 40min. Still gulping a moment ago but should be getting drunk soon. Let me get a few more minutes of drama in :p

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