Monday, 3 September 2012

Home alone with baby

Sito has started work =/ And he's in KL now after rolling off directly from office =/

This morning, he said bye bye to ZK who was lying in the bassinet; ZK didn't seem to understand as he was too focused on pooping :p But he fussed quite a bit this morning - usually he fusses more in the afternoon. Maybe he did understand that Sito wouldn't be with him 24/7 from today?

And maybe he got sad - he pooped A LOT into his tub during his morning bath! O_O What a mess! Had to scramble for another towel to wrap him while I changed the water. Made a note to myself that I should always have two towels on the ready during bath time..

He continued to fuss after his next feed. When he finally calmed down (he started "talking"; ready to poop again!), I thought he smiled at me - the really cute and wide toothless smile that was hitherto seen only in his sleep :) I then slumped down next to him and dozed off, face down. Woke in a mini pool of drool *.* And he was still happily looking around! :)

After changing him, I had time for only a bread roll before foot reflexology. But I wasn't hungry anyway, strangely.. Perhaps I was too looking forward to the foot reflexology? :p The shiok-ness must have gone into my milk cos after nursing there, he napped for over two hours! :) Managed to do little things here and there. Even replenished my hardboiled eggs for breakfast.

But quite siong too - I had him in my new sling all the time as I was afraid that I would wake him if I set him down. It was like carrying a sack of rice on my shoulder lor *.* But good la, he's putting on weight - and visibly too!

Things kind of went downhill when he woke. After nursing, he fussed until he found a comfy position on my chest to nap. I dozed off too. When I woke and he was still asleep, both of us drenched in sweat despite the fan, I quickly slipped him into the sling (yeah, didn't wake him!) and grabbed dinner before waking him to feed. After that? Crying again, sighs.. He cried a lot, all the way until after his bath. But he managed to fall asleep after nursing. And for the first time in a long time, I took a shower without him waking up suddenly. I even managed to apply a mask after checking in on him - first time in seven weeks! Not too bad for a day without Sito around!

Now I'm just resting and waiting to hear from Sito. Want to nap a little before ZK wakes to feed. He's stirring a little due to the sound from the dryer but I'm hopeful that he can sleep for another hour..

Good luck to me in the days ahead!

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