Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Smiley baby!

So happy! ZK smiled so widely at me! I think he was playing with me and having fun! :) I almost couldn't bear to rock him to sleep, sighs..

Now, it seems that his babbling is no longer limited to poop time. But it's ok cos he has other poop signs, and more importantly, it's more fun!

Update 21 Sep 2012 - just uploaded a video of papa and son chatting happily :) With poop at the end :p

Yesterday afternoon, we fell asleep after a nursing session on the sofa. When he woke and woke me, I put him down in his bassinet so I could pee. He started crying of course but within a few seconds, he turned sleepy, and for a few more seconds, he looked like he was nodding off! But he didn't :( But he didn't cry too; he continued to entertain himself by looking around and waving his covered paws. I ran around doing stuff yeah! :p

Later, as our part-time helper C had to clean that area, I moved him to our bed. We had some fun babbling and stroking faces :) Then he got hungry again, oh well.. I took a quick nap while he nursed and then did his usual look-around before waking me.

We installed window grilles yesterday. Took less than an hour. They are of a different shade of silver from our windows but it isn't too obvious. It's just very different feeling with the grilles in place - last night, I turned towards the window while in bed and felt like I was in jail *.*

Wonder if ZK felt the same way, cos he woke quite a lot last night - 11 plus, 1 plus, 4 plus, 6 am... But strangely I didn't feel too tired when I got up eventually at 7 am.

Anyway, the installation generated quite a bit of dust! Mum helped to hoover up the debris and mop a bit. Despite that, C took an extra hour that afternoon. The worst was in the utility room where the guy helped us remove some brackets holding up a curtain rod. So glad those ugly things are gone! Just need to patch up the holes now.

ZK woke halfway through this post but promptly became sleepy again, showing his super cute smile as he drifted off to slumberland. Can't wait for another couple of hours when he wakes so that we can play again! :)

Update two hours later...

ZK seemed calm so I set him down in the bassinet, reclined, and made lunch for the first time since his arrival. I kept going back to talk to him and once, he gave me a lovely smile - besides the corners of his mouth, his eyes were also upturned! :)

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