Monday, 17 September 2012

In search of greenery

Well, I'm not one for the greens unless they can be eaten... But with ZK, it's nice to stroll through gardens and parks if only for the fresh air!

Here's us at the Botanic Gardens on 13 September - I've been dying for a pic in front of these gates since I first saw them on bus 106! (I look fat here but let me redeem myself in another pic further below...)

And this was taken at the Swan Lake - ZK with Ah Ma.

This morning, LS and I brought our babies to Gardens by the Bay. We got an annual pass for $68 each so we'll be back!

See? Not so fat right? :p I'm 4kg away from pre-pregnancy weight, have been since some six weeks ago... Anyway, we started with the Flower Dome.

My fave has to be the cactuses and their stony friends! Some fish here..

Some horsemen here...

And here you can play "spot the 龟"! (Don't think the block of white is a cactus..)

Then we're off to the Cloud Forest. The falls! Note: There's water everywhere! Cover babies!

Saw this cute boat in the Lost World on level 7 :)

We went behind and next to the falls on level 6 - misty and wet so nothing for babies! :p

After toilet breaks for all four of us, we settled down at Cafe Crema for some lunch. I thought the sandwich would be tiny but it wasn't!

Too late - already ordered soup. I'm still very full!

We sat there and chatted for a while more after finishing our food. The babies had their share as well :) So nice to be out on a weekday! So lucky that so many of us are having babies around the same time too! Especially ZK - so many jiejies around him, lucky boy!! :p


  1. It's just u having heavier does give people the illusion of being fatter.

  2. Next time, we can go up the Skyway!


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