Monday, 24 September 2012

Hands free!

Yup, I'm not carrying ZK now even though he's wide awake. He's at the baby gym, totally absorbed in the four mobiles above him, and every so often, I hear one of them ringing when he took a conscious or accidental swipe at it.

These days he is able to entertain himself for a while, be it at the baby gym, in his bassinet or on some bed. He could be looking at mobiles, or he could be looking at his right fist.

This right fist thing is quite cute. So after learning that he can open up his fist, he doesn't really do much with it *.* Though he once grabbed his 熊熊 with his right hand but I think that was a fluke..

I made the mistake of asking him to touch my face again yesterday. It used to be just the harmless fist. Yesterday, it was outstretched hand - with sharp nails!! It was so painful.. I'm surprised he doesn't cry out whenever he scratches his face!

Another development is that he has found his index finger! So instead of sucking his entire fist, he is now sucking on the knuckle of his index finger. The thumb is usually safely covered by the fingers. Wondering when he'll find it..

Anyway, I've resorted to stuffing a pacifier into his little mouth when he fusses after a feed. It helps him sleep but I notice that whenever it falls out as he dozes off a little, he'll wake a little to look for it. I have to help stuff it back. And when he has fallen asleep, he'll continue sucking for a few more minutes before letting it go, primarily because he sleeps with his mouth wide open :p

So now I'm quite torn - should I let him suck his thumb (when he finds it) or the pacifier? I'm worried that he'll want the pacifier to sleep and scream when it drops; he should be able to find his thumb easily! But I think it's easier to wean him off the pacifier than the thumb so...

Oh well, my 30 min of peace is coming to an end - just heard the first whine. Going to put him on his tummy for a while before feeding him - he hates tummy time and will fuss after a while so nursing is perfect for soothing him! And he's overdue for his breakfast actually - almost three hours since his last feed!

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