Sunday, 16 September 2012

I enjoy baby every day, but not every minute :p

Whenever I see toddlers running about, I wish that ZK would reach that stage soon cos toddlers are easier to care for and more interactive. But then I'd feel guilty for thinking so - I should really enjoy this brief stage of his life! And this is a stage of such constant change that if I were slightly distracted, I'd miss something and never see it in him again..

Physically, ZK is growing so fast. I put mittens on him almost all the time since he drew blood when he scratched his face a few weeks ago. In the past week, I removed his mittens more often for him to feel things around him. And I found that his hands are so much bigger and meatier now! His "chicken wings" are also chubbier..

This is his left "chicken wing" :p

He's also developing quickly. In the past week, he went from 招财猫...

Source: Google image search

.. to Astro Boy..

Source: Google image search

.. to staring intently at his right fist, as if first becoming aware of it, to releasing his clenched fist sometimes.

And he is babbling so much, sometimes to himself, sometimes to us and sometimes in response to our words. The downside? His cries have also become louder - guess linguistic abilities grow simultaneously in all areas??

But caring for a child is not just marveling at his growth and development. Honestly, there are times when I'm at a complete loss of what to do. I still don't know why he cries sometimes, I can't get him to sleep, why does he wake so easily, why does the diaper keep leaking, and why does he always like to pee into his morning bath?!

At times like these, I can only 苦笑 or 苦中作乐 or step away for a short while before coming back to deal with him. Despite all these, my little boy always brings a smile to my face, even at the end of a tiring night feed cos he's just so cute! Sito is right that baby cuteness is a survival mechanism - parents always find their babies irresistibly cute and lovable!

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