Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ZK's first swim!

And he loved it!

First, we got rid of his poopy diaper and put on a swim diaper. It's worn like pants.

Then it's warm-up time!

He wasn't too impressed at first... "Eh, what are you doing to me??"

Then... "I think I like it!"

"What's that on my head...?"

"Oops, it dropped!"

Towards the end, they took off the diaper - can see his BCG site.

He could kick and turn a lot! He swims better than Mama! So proud of him :) And here's a video to show Papa:

I got the trial which included a massage so he had that after the swim. But he got cranky halfway *.* But all's good - yesterday, he slept the most in two months! Since he likes it, Mum got him a gold card valid for unlimited swims in a year - thanks, Ah-Ma! We'll probably go every week :)

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  1. so handsome, he looks like you, and i like his hair!!!


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