Saturday, 29 September 2012

New style, new look

Actually, it should be Style with a capital S - keep scrolling :p

ZK punches the air!

Looking at his fave mobile..

And he's doing the Gangnam Style!! :p With an sweet "girl" and a "girl" in leopard prints beside him!! :p

I put Xiong Xiong and Hu Hu on either side of him in case he decides to reach out for something. But the first time he grabbed XX was when I put it on the baby gym next to him! Actually, he grabbed it accidentally...


Jiejie took this picture - somehow I like it very much... So serious, almost like one for the CV!

Today, he had a full haircut. Sighs.. I was resisting it for a long time; his hair was so nice!! But it was getting too hot for him; the hair on the back was usually sweaty, and he was grabbing and swiping at his hair too. But we didn't want him botak now cos he will be botak in 18 years' time! So we went for half an inch...

"What's this robe you put on me? What's that funny feeling on my head?"

"Ok, what are you doing to me?? It's getting cold..."

"What have you done to me...?!"

"Turned me into a small beng beng!"

But he looks like a little monk when asleep :)

Had a lot of fun at the baby spa today. He could kick very high now. We even moved him to the big pool! But it was quite early so he was the only kid there; big pool could take a few babies. And he enjoyed it so much that he protested when he was brought out of the pool!

Oh, and we weighed him at the baby spa today - he's now a hefty 6kg!

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