Friday, 31 August 2012

As he sleeps in my arm...

Nowadays, I get to go online in the morning when Sito is still asleep and not using the desk, and after ZK dozes off following his second (or third!) breakfast.. Just tried to put him on his bed but this little boy woke soon when he no longer feels Mama's warmth.. So in my arm, he shall be..

All parents must think that their baby is the cutest one. I'm no exception.

It's wonderful having this little person in my lap - stroke his awesome* hair, pinch his chubby cheeks, feel his little hands on my boob, play with his little feet, squeezing his cute shoulder, or just looking at him.

* I don't like this overused adjective but it's perfect for describing ZK's hair! It's hereditary...

We cut off a lock of his hair to make a Chinese stamp for him - just a pose as the cut was from the back of his head, not the beautiful top.

Can't believe that he's only six weeks old - he looks so big now that I can't imagine him inside me such a short time ago! In fact, certain expressions make him look more like a toddler than an infant, such that I sometimes treat him as if he's older (read: rough handling) :p

In the past few days, he has expanded his "vocabulary" - he now gives varied tones of "oooh"; once, he suddenly sighed and looked away! Why? He felt un-understood? Hoho! We're having so much fun "chatting" with him :) But he's in a chatty mood only when he wants to poop!!

Update 21 Sep 2012 - just uploaded a video of him coo-ing in Sito's arms :)

His feeding habits became irregular lately. Two days ago, he went two to three hours without feeding, all the while awake! But that was only until the evening when he went back to hourly feeds. What a wonderful day! My boobs were very rested :p

He was also very rested as he took three naps that day before dinner - rare! He even dozed off twice when I put him drowsy in his bassinet; he hasn't done that for ages! But once, I was putting him down to read to him and he dozed off too *.* I hope that's no indication of his behaviour when he starts school! :p

But yesterday, he fed more frequently in the day, about 1.5 hour apart, still better than hourly! And he napped quite a bit in the afternoon after we got back from lunch at Esplanade. Nice to wheel him around in the stroller in a very spacious and empty place :)

Isn't he cute in his stroller with the strap cushions? :) Taken at Min Jiang three days ago when I walked 25 min to Rochester Park! Lunch with ex-colleagues.. After nursing mid-lunch, he didn't fall asleep on me but fell asleep in TO's arms - he knew he couldn't bully a mum of four kids! :p

This was how he napped yesterday - I slept too!

But last night he didn't sleep much. Had to swaddle him from 2.30 am to make him sleep. Guess I'll think about weaning him off the swaddle at a later stage!

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