Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Disc collection

We have some random discs lying around so I'm sorting them out now while ZK is sleeping in my arms.

First, our wedding CDs. I lost the playlists when changing computers. Listening to the cocktail selection of 14 tunes now, I thought I had pretty strange taste! Some of the instrumental pieces don't even sound happy! The titles were removed when the songs were burnt into the CD so I don't know what they are - why did I choose so many tunes that I'm not familiar with?!

I even have a tune just for the emcees! But I recognise that song - it's Seikan Hikou from Macross! It was shortlisted for our first march-in, for which we used Swing de Chocobo in the end. We danced to Cheek to Cheek for our second march-in.

Music for dinner before the dance comprised my favourites from Pink Martini, Laura Fygi, Diana Krall, Michael Buble and Louis Armstrong while that after the dance comprised standard ballroom and salsa songs.

Also found the corporate video we did for our department back in 2007. Ripped it into quicktime for keepsake - it was hard work!

Then, there are some discs of photos - time to dump since I have copies in the Mac and external hard drive..

I didn't forget my scores of music CDs in the drawer outside. Most have been ripped into iTunes already so theoretically, I can dump the physical copy! But I can't bear to.. Many of them have accompanied me to work and study...

Then, for some reason, there's a stash of empty CDs and DVDs in the bottom shelf of the desk. No idea why we bought so many but I guess it's time to use them to double back up my Mac! When ZK is next asleep.. Starting to stir now...

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